Storage Cabinets

Many of our clients come to us for help with organising the flotsam and jetsam of their lives. Sporting equipment, music collections, the clutter of three children; it all requires a tidy now and then, so what better than a dedicated piece of furniture, either discreet or in your face, but tailor made to your home.

Storage Cabinets in Cherry Veneer

These large cabinets were placed against a long internal wall and as a result their impact on the space of the room was minimised. Childrens art materials, family paperwork, guitars, etc all had a place of their own.

Alcove Display Cabinet In Oak

These glazed display cabinets were made to house a recently inherited collection of beer mugs from around the world! Mirrors were placed at the back of the cabinet to enhance the view of the mugs, and a little space was left for new additions. The style of the joinery used meant that this large cabinet complimented the room, rather than dominating it.

Sideboard & Bay Window Storage Seat

These cabinets answered a very common complaint- "we've moved into a lovely modern home, but there is no storage!"

Some of Our Storage Projects